Protect yourself. Be Love and Light.

Being protected

Being protected is all about being Love and Light in all situations. Staying as Love is the most effective way to keep devils away. Devils being entities or energies that want to divide and conquer you.

Being aware

This means being aware of your own ego agenda and not giving in to it. When someone tries to suck you into fighting, you feel the negative energy which wants to manifest through you. You simply don’t give it a chance. By being vigilant you notice what happens in yourself and you decide to choose for love in stead of fear or anger.

By choosing for love every time you are challenged you strengthen your love muscles. You raise your frequency by living as Light.

Living in and as this higher frequency of Light makes it easier to contact beings of Light.

Applied Meditation

This is where meditation practice kicks in as your most valuable asset. You are aware of the mechanisms of your mind and you see through the old survival modes. In most cases there is no real threat. By believing there is a threat you are the one who starts the fight.

Protection through visualisation

For protection, you can visualize a vertical beam of light coming in from Infinity through your crown, passing through your chakra’s, and moving down to the center of the Earth. Consciously intend this beam to protect you. You can strengthen this by imagining another beam, coming from the center of the Earth, moving through you up into Heaven. Both beams or rays of Light meet in your heart. From there Light energy expands outward and protects and strengthens you.

In this way, whatever you perceive as a challenge, is met by Love energy emanating from your Heart. Love is the strongest and most effective energy there is.


For a good overview of protection strategies, see the video by Nicky Sutton.

Practicing Love in stead of fear

For practicing love in stead of fear, see Lilou Mace’s interview with Gary Zukav.

Let Love direct your paths

Read the bible from this point of view. For example, see   Proverbs 3: 5,6

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