Non-human intelligence

Whom am I channelling? Is it an angel, my spiritual guide, my higher self, an ascended master, a collective of aliens? Where is this entity when I am channelling? Is this important?

Do I need to channel? Do I already know the answer? Is everything inside me? Am I already one with everything? Whom or what am I tuning into?

I notice that when I start writing, with a question in mind, the answer is usually very clear. I call this meditative writing. It is not thinking. Thinking tends to limit the outcome.

In my research on channelling I have come to the question of non-human intelligence. Being open-minded means that I want to allow for the existence of this.

I will start a blog with this as my new focus. You can access my recent writing at

My Inner Voice


The essence of meditation is the practice of allowing things to be as they are, without wanting to fix or change them. Unpleasant feelings or sensations can be acknowlegded. No need to fight or escape. No need for drama.



This creates space for joy, for so-called higher vibrations. In the silent space of being with what is, we can listen to and hear the voice of the Universe. We can give this inner voice a name. We can speak of God, (Holy) Spirit, Guides, Angels. We can call it intuition.



It’s All right here, in my Heart. And I am ready to listen!



Abbey Normal is a living example of integrating love and laughter:



Louise Kay also demonstrates the power of Silence:

Seeing Angels

This morning I was talking to my 93 year old mother, telling her about my new interest for Angels. She asked me: “Do you see them?”, and I said: “No. But I feel them in my Heart.” Now, at 7 pm, I am watching Abbey Normal’s video, Angelic Helpers:

In her video Abbey talks about acknowledging the angelic presence in moments of beauty. (Angelic Helpers, at 14-17 minutes) This can be the case in nature, but also in a warm gesture. The rational mind or the ego may object that we can’t be sure about this ‘Angel’. But the Heart knows. And we can learn to see with our Heart, learn to see the Love in everything.

By acknowledging Angels, we learn to see them.


Protect yourself. Be Love and Light.

Being protected

Being protected is all about being Love and Light in all situations. Staying as Love is the most effective way to keep devils away. Devils being entities or energies that want to divide and conquer you.

Being aware

This means being aware of your own ego agenda and not giving in to it. When someone tries to suck you into fighting, you feel the negative energy which wants to manifest through you. You simply don’t give it a chance. By being vigilant you notice what happens in yourself and you decide to choose for love in stead of fear or anger.

By choosing for love every time you are challenged you strengthen your love muscles. You raise your frequency by living as Light.

Living in and as this higher frequency of Light makes it easier to contact beings of Light.

Applied Meditation

This is where meditation practice kicks in as your most valuable asset. You are aware of the mechanisms of your mind and you see through the old survival modes. In most cases there is no real threat. By believing there is a threat you are the one who starts the fight.

Protection through visualisation

For protection, you can visualize a vertical beam of light coming in from Infinity through your crown, passing through your chakra’s, and moving down to the center of the Earth. Consciously intend this beam to protect you. You can strengthen this by imagining another beam, coming from the center of the Earth, moving through you up into Heaven. Both beams or rays of Light meet in your heart. From there Light energy expands outward and protects and strengthens you.

In this way, whatever you perceive as a challenge, is met by Love energy emanating from your Heart. Love is the strongest and most effective energy there is.


For a good overview of protection strategies, see the video by Nicky Sutton.

Practicing Love in stead of fear

For practicing love in stead of fear, see Lilou Mace’s interview with Gary Zukav.

Let Love direct your paths

Read the bible from this point of view. For example, see   Proverbs 3: 5,6

First blog post

Uncovering and using your psychic abilities

In this blog I will share with you my quest for uncovering my psychic abilities. If you are interested in doing this yourself, please follow my blog.

Uncovering innate abilities is a natural process. The essential thing is to relax and trust that support for this process will come:

At appr. 10 minutes in this video with Tricia Carr and Crystal Anne Compton we find the following advice: do not chase psychic abilities but relax and open yourself to receive support in developing them.

Developing innate psychic abilities is part of the Shift.

The Shift, the transition of our Earth from 3D to 5D (D is Dimension or Density), will happen anyway. As Crystal Anne Compton explains, we can express our wish to consciously help facilitate the Shift:

For example, we can ask Archangel Metatron for opportunities to help facilitate the Shift! There are many guides who are ready to help us, but we have to open ourselves through asking for their assistance.